People tend to panic a lot whenever they are bankrupt and it is understandable because for most people, there is always the fear of the unknown. However, a smart person ought to do some research to determine the best way forward once he/she has determined that bankruptcy is with them .The sad side of bankruptcy is that it can make you lose a lot of your property within a matter of days. It is therefore imperative that you put a strong fight to save both your property and reputation. However, unlike popular belief, bankruptcy is not all gloom .Getting the right lawyer can make a big difference and open your ayes to lots of possibilities.

While a number of law firms have their interest solely on money making, our interest goes far beyond and it also includes empowering you to be a better handler of finances. Most importantly though, we have helped thousands of clients to save their highly valued properties across the state of Texas and continue to do so more than two decades later. We have built our reputation based on exemplary service delivery and affordable litigation costs and that’s why we are unrivaled in the entire state.

Ideally, you should not be swindled off your money while in bankruptcy and that’s why we have made our services quite affordable. Time is of great essence in the filing of bankruptcy and that’s why we have made filing for bankruptcy quite easy and within 24 hours of application. In addition, we operate throughout a 24 hour cycle, from Monday to Sunday. If you have any issues or in need of consultation, you should call us immediately and there will be an attorney waiting to handle your case. Alternatively, you can talk to an attorney live on our website. For those who prefer one-on-one consultation, you can visit any of our offices in Dallas, Arlington or Fort Worth.

Settling bankruptcy also calls for great negotiation skills and that’s why we have a team of dallas bankruptcy attorneys who have been in the trade long enough to know how to get creditors to compromise when necessary in order for clients to end up with manageable payment schedules. As a matter of fact, we have also helped a significant number of clients to offset their unsecured debts in order to make it easy for them to meet their most pressing financial obligations.

Bankruptcy is too delicate to be left in the hands of people you do not trust fully. We are the most sought-after bankruptcy law firm in Texas and you can trust us to deliver on our promise.

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